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Are you an engine or an anchor?

National Writing Examiner, Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry

Are you an engine or an anchor? by Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, National Writing Examiner . . .

When considering wordsmiths – both an engine and an anchor sound equally engaging. You may desire to drive your reader to greater heights of understanding but you also might desire readers remain synced in and focused on content. Is one better than the other? If we were talking relationships, such as those Sunil Bali discusses in his titles:

  • The Book of Awesome Humour: Quite Simply, One of the Funniest Books Ever1 Apr 2012 | Kindle eBook by Sunil Bali
  • The Art of Awesome Living: An Inspirational Guide On How To Achieve More Success, More Easily, With Less Stress1 Apr 2012 | Kindle eBook by Sunil Bali
  • Mind, Set & Match: How To Do The Work That You Were Born To Do1 Apr 2012 | Kindle eBook by Sunil Bali

then the engine is our best friend and we’d favor the engine over the anchor:

There comes a time when you have to decide whether the other person in the relationship is an engine that drives you forward, or is an anchor that weighs you down. A ship is designed to take you places, so if your friendship, partnership, or relationship isn’t taking you anywhere, then its time to abandon ship!

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Introducing author Clifton (Cliff) Hill

DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. is pleased to introduce author Clifton (Cliff) Hill and his new title release, “Through the Broken Looking Glass.”

Welcome him today!


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How to Generate Ideas: The Writer’s Battle Plan Against Writer’s Block

Asta Speaks

The enemy: writers’ block. It’s that moment when the creative juices dry up; your creative muse goes mute. You hammer out pages of words on your keyboard only to hate and delete them all. Or you avoid even looking at your computer screen because the blinking cursor taunts you. You could have written 165 pages of material and be halfway to the finish line, or you may have written one sentence. It can strike at any time. This is why every writer needs a good battle plan.Writer’s-Block

  • Tactic #1: Change your self-defeating attitude. The biggest hang-up for writers when they face writers’ block is the belief that they can’t write anymore. “Can’t” is a powerful word that breeds discouragement and a sense of failure. Don’t ever believe the lie writers’ block is telling you, that you can’t write. You might not be writing as well; you may not be a…

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