DonnaInk Publications to re-release author Cliff Hill’s title, “The Broken Looking Glass”

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From 1983-1986, Cliff was a major label songwriter and re-cording artist. In 2007, Cliff co-wrote songs with Grammy-nominated pop producer and author, Ford. This is the second edition release of his title, “The Broken Looking Glass”

NEW YORKMarch 21, 2019PRLog — DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. is releasing Author Cliff Hill’s title, “The Broken Looking Glass: An American Adventure” in second edition April of 2019. Mr. Hill is one of DonnaInk’s original authors from 2012 – 2013 . . . the 2nd Edition is being released through the Pashar Sage Press Imprint (look for Elephant Zen). This is an interesting title about self-discovery that is associative to J. D. Salinger’s works. This edition is reformatted, with new cover design and the authors’ changes that expand on the original theme.

About the book: “Through the Broken Looking Glass: An American Adventure,” combines the perspective of the author with…

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